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DIY Foaming Hand Soap | Stop the Spread of Germs

Disclaimer: Information in this post is meant to educate and inform. I am not a doctor and if you feel ill you should seek medical attention immediately. Essential oils will not prevent or cure viruses. The essential oil in this recipe is for scent only. With all the panic about the Covid-19 virus going on, […]

Simple Home Remedies to Ward off the Winter Illness

It’s Coming, the Season of Ick! You know what I’m talking about. First, your friend gets a sniffle, then your brother says he has a sore throat, then it feels literally like the first episode of “The Walking Dead”! You’re hiding out in your house not letting anyone visit for fear of getting whatever cold, […]

Emergency Preparedness ~ How to Start Your Food Preps

Food Preparedness is for People Who Wear Tinfoil Hats, Right? Why don’t more people have food storage for emergency preparedness? I’ve often asked myself this. Really, it comes down to many factors. Some people don’t think they can afford it (they are living paycheck to paycheck). Others think it’s too complicated; how much should I […]

Homesteading ~ A Path to Independence

The Freedom to Not Only Survive But Thrive Do you ever get the feeling that your life is like a real-life version of Ground Hog’s Day? You know what I mean, you get up in the morning, do your routine, and feel like it’s the same thing every day. I know I have. Working the […]

Safe Canning Methods ~ How Do We Get Grandma on Our Side?

The Great Canning War Every year in kitchens across the country there is a battle that rages quietly among people who can their food. When harvest time looms on the horizon two opposing factions take up their positions. It is the war of safe canning methods. Sometimes getting so heated it has caused friends and […]

Prepping For Emergencies a Natural Part of Homesteading

  This post may contain affiliate links. We only endorse products we love or know are great companies. If you purchase from these links there is no extra charge to you, but we may receive a small commission that helps us continue to bring great content to our readers.   Prepping Not Just For the […]