A Complete Homemaking System

Are You Tired of Feeling Frustrated, Unmotivated, & Overwhelmed by Your Homemaking Routine?

  • Do you find yourself getting tired of doing the same task over and over? And it feels like you’re not making any headway?
  • Are you looking for a way to make your daily tasks easier to tackle?
  • Do you need some sort of schedule to create a better balance in your homemaking routines, but you don’t even know where to start?
  • Would you give your left arm to have margin in your day to focus on yourself and your family instead of doing the laundry for hours on end?
  • Or are you a new homemaker that needs a structured guide to set up your home for both beauty and efficiency? And Home Ec was long gone before you got to High School?

Girl, I Got You Covered!

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setting up your first home

Are you a new homemaker wanting to set up your home but you have no idea where to begin? Or maybe you're an experienced homemaker that just moved.

This workbook has everything you need to set up every room in your home!

There are lists for must have items for each room in your house. Including a complete grocery list for getting all the basics every kitchen needs.

empty home new homemaker homemaking companion workbook
time saving tips clock homemakers companion workbook

Time-saving tips

Who couldn't use some time-saving tips around the house? In the workbook I give you my tested tips that have saved my butt numerous times.

Find out my best tip to fight dishes and laundry getting out of hand!

Organizational tips

Learn ways to reduce the clutter and have a home that helps you feel less frazzled. Simple organizational tips help you create a place for everything. Learn to purge the excess and shorten the amount of time you spend cleaning your home as well.

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Lists & Schedule Sheets

Get your hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages to help your prioritize your time. Keep track of important tasks and appointments. Use the time blocking sheets with 24 hours of blocks that work for any schedule whether your a night owl or morning person.

When You have the Homemaker's Companion You Can Finally be able to create a homemaking routine that works for your family and lifestyle. It's Like a roadmap for homemakers.

Who is this workbook for?

New Homemakers

Were you one of the unlucky generation that missed out on Home Ec? Or maybe your mom was awesome, but she was a career woman so she wasn't able to teach you about homemaking? Do you need a cheat sheet for setting up your home? Then the Homemaker's Companion is definitely for you!

Experienced Homemakers

You've been a homemaker for awhile, but you still have issues with keeping on top of all the tasks around your home. The Homemaker's Companion can help you get the focus you need to finally create a better managed system for your home. Get tips to streamline your homemaking and find the time in your week to finally enjoy your home and your family.

Empty Nesters

Your kids may have left the nest, but years of being a parent has made you slack a little on your homemaking. I get it! I was in the same boat. When you have kids at home you feel like you're putting out the most important fires first. Unfortunately, we realize after the kids leave we've developed some habits we would rather not have. The Homemaker's Companion is filled with great tips to help you break those habits and create a routine that will get you home in shape in no time. So you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your alone time with the hubby!

Moms With Kids at Home

Trying to keep your home clean and organized with kids around can often feel like you're trying to herd cats with fire crackers. But the best thing you can possibly do is have consistency in the home. Kids thrive off consistency. Developing a routine can be your best weapon for getting your housework done. And trust me, I do know how difficult that can be. The Homemaker's Companion is a great tool to help you develop the routine you need with tips on how to create less work for yourself.

Q & A

Q: I already have a planner how would this workbook help me?

A: The Homemaker’s Companion is more than just a planner. It has so many tips and pre-made lists designed to help you run your home more smoothly. Definitely a tool you would use every day.

Q: Couldn’t I just buy a planner and a homemaking book on Amazon, why should I spend the money on this?

A: The Companion is more than just a book. It’s like if a homemaking book and a planner had a baby. Plus you can print out the pages over and over. If you were to buy what you get with the Homemaker’s Companion you would have to buy a homemaking book for about $20 and a planner for about $40. So this workbook is a steal!

Q: Is it hard to follow the Homemaker’s Companion?

A: The great thing about the Companion is that it is broken down in to easy-to-understand sections. You can take what you need and implement it into you’re own personal routine. It works for many types of homemakers, new or experienced.

Q: What if you update the Companion? Will I have to pay for the new version?

A: No. If you purchase the Homemaker’s Companion you will receive updates via email for free.





Tasks Divided By the Rooms in Your Home

The Homemaker’s Companion has sections for each room in your home containing cleaning lists & tips to streamline your routine.

Multiple Lists for Cleaning & Stocking

Each section has multiple lists for stocking your rooms with necessities, deep cleaning, and routine cleaning. Which makes it easier to spend less time doing daily chores and more time doing the things you love.

Planner Sheets for Days, Weeks, & Months

There is a complete set of planning sheets to manage your schedule by the hour, day, week, & month. Easily create a routine that works for you and your family. You can keep the planning sheets wherever you need them to stay on top of your schedule. Print a bunch to keep in a binder or print out and stick on your fridge or your command center.

Self-Care Tips Too

Get self-care ideas to help you keep your sanity and take care of your own well-being. Because it is so important to take time for yourself.

Hi! I'm Barb Hudson the Creator of The Homemaker's Companion!

I've been a homemaker for over 25 years, a wife, and mom to an amazing daughter.

Like many, I have struggled with creating a home I love. First, I was a hot-mess homemaker & then I did a complete 180 a couple years ago to Suzy Homemaker. Today I have finally found a happy balance between the two.

Over the years I have learned so much about how to make homemaking easier! Mostly from trial & error. And that's why I devoted myself to help other homemakers like yourself nurture a simpler, happier, healthier home life. So you don't have to struggle like I did. Isn't that awesome?

When I was a new wife & mom there really weren't the tools we have available to us now. I mean really?!? Couldn't they have invented grocery pick-up when I had a small still in the home? Let me help you find the tools and resources you need to make your life as a homemaker so much easier, maybe even fun?

Barb Hudson of Making it Home

What are you waiting for?

Finally be a stress-free homemaker that gets to enjoy spending time living in her home instead of just cleaning it!

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